ТОО Cellwize Wireless Technologies

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ТОО Cellwize Wireless Technologies

Cellwize provides cutting-edge SON (Self Organizing Network) solutions to mobile operators. Mobile networks empowered by our proprietary elastic-SON™ continuously react to real-time changes and match capacity, coverage and quality with evolving usage patterns and users’ needs.

Our elastic-SON™ platform uses Big Data insight to transform spotty and volatile networks that struggle to meet demand into user-centric and over-performing mobile networks across multiple vendors and wireless technologies (Multi-RAT). Our proven technology improves network management and reduces on-going CAPEX and OPEX investments. It offers mobile operators in-depth insights into their radio networks and enables them to differentiate their offering and provide superior personalized user experience targeting areas of high-value density.

Cellwize was founded by Telecom professionals and its technology was designed by RF experts mastering network topology and behaviors. Cellwize is headquartered in Singapore with R&D and sales offices across the EMEA region.

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